Movie Review-Await Further Instructions (Blu Ray)

Review-I have been excited about this film since I saw the initial trailer. Now, that I have finally watched it, my feelings are mixed. This film centers around an odd premise of a family that seems distant gathering for a dinner at Christmas. We learn early that the son seems distant from the family, as he visits from school with a girl he is in love with. His sister is pregnant as well. The grandfather and father seem very bitter towards each other. This is clearly a family that if put in a dire situation would turn on each other to save themselves. Now, that I mentioned that. The next morning as the son and his girlfriend are about to sneak out, we learn that the house is barricaded from the outside. Soon, the family learns that they are trapped in their house with their television telling them to “ Await Further Instructions”. This film is dark in both its tone and delivery. The science fiction element seems to play out perfectly with the horror overtones. The television in this film is the enemy. It constantly manipulates the way they think and how they do things. Eventually, the television divides this family even worst. As I said in my opening, my feelings are mixed. I loved the first hour of this film.

It kept me at the edge of my seat and had me trying to guess what can happen next. There are some moments of this film that are just pure magic. You believe the characters and this situation that is unfolding in front of them. My issue is the last half hour of this film. I cannot say it was bad, but it felt rushed. This film seemed like the joining of two different stories. The second half seemed to be in a hurry to get us to the ending. The ending last minute was very powerful and so thought provoking. I did not mind the science fiction element taking over the final sequence. It needed to happen. I wish this film would have really pushed the story another ten to fifteen minutes to keep the tension building. This film is original at moments, and at others it felt like one of those late night abduction films out of the 50’s.

The story was good. The payoff to the film, may divide some audiences. I feel some fans will like what this film offers, and others will write it off as a Twilight Zone episode gone wrong. I felt the film was good enough to recommend. It has some moments that I feel fans will sit back and enjoy. This film creates a paranoia that may make others stop and think about “ what it”. This film does a good job at keeping the audience guessing, and in a film in this direction that is the huge compliment that can be made.

8 out of 10