Movie Review-Attraction (Blu Ray)

Review-Attraction is that film you want to love. That film you really want to get behind as well. Attraction is that film that you start to realize about half way thru, that the film is starting to change for the worst. This film starts off interesting. You have some visually amazing sequences that is coupled by some oddly placed dance like music. A flying saucer or UFO, is grazed during this meteor like shower. The reaction to this is the fall to Moscow. This event takes out many lives. The government gets involved to slap signs of the site being off limits. The city soon is under a strict curfew. The characters decide that rules do not matter and sneak out. They stumble upon an alien named Hekon. He seems to fallen for one of the teens in the group. His goal is to find this device he needs to power his ship to take him home. The ship starts to take away a ton of the local water supply which also becomes an issue. The film is not bad. The first hour of this film was fun enough to keep you involved. The last act of the film is bad. This film decides to throw away thinking for cheap storytelling. The ending felt very exhausting and preachy. It felt like it wanted to tell a story but then have this huge message. I will say, this film has a great soundtrack. This is not an aliens vs the earth type of film. It involves aliens and teenagers. It is like E.T meets Twilight.

I loved the first act of this film, the second act just lost me. I feel that I will go back and watch this film again to see if maybe the second viewing could be different. This film has enough promise and energetic moments to recommend it. This film will make science fiction fans smile. It takes an old premise and tries to tell a new tale with it. I admired that the film was smart enough not to throw too much at us. It gave us just enough to make us want more with the science fiction aspect. This film felt more like a tale of what can happen situation type of film. As a whole, I did not hate this film. I can watch it again and see if maybe my expectations were not fair to it.

7.5 out of 10