Movie Review-Agony (DVD)

Review-I think Germany is trying to give us their answer to “ We Need To Talk About Kevin”. This character study is like gazing into a dark cloudy abyss. We know in the opening minutes that this film is going to be alarming and may upset some. The film takes us into the life of normal people who change into a psychopathic destructive threat. Christian and Alex are the two characters that this film centers around. We as viewers are in this sense that we have to decide who could turn into what. This film lacks depth for the characters. So, as we watch the story unfold, we are left to wonder where the emotion can be placed at. This film does not have a sense of joy or even an attempt at creating a light in this dire story. We have a sadness when we watch the film unfold, but this film could have packed a much louder punch. As we first meet Alex, he is a very angry young man. He is returning to society after a period of being gone from it. His family is troubled which does not help him. Then we have Christian. He is a law student who lives with a single mom. He also is not happy. Yet, unlike Alex, Christian is quiet and restrained. He works at the local movie theater and studies law. This film tries to interject a love interest for Christian, which ultimately feels thrown together with no rhyme or reason. This film keeps us waiting to figure out what is what. This film at times felt like a walk thru a boring lifetime film. The characters in this film just did not mesh. They had zero chemistry and the acting was fair at best. The ending is sad but the film as a whole is sad as well. I wanted so much more from this film than what it delivered.

4 out of 10