Movie Review-The Meg

Review-When people talk about the sleeper hits of 2018, The Meg has to be at the top of this list. A film with a premise that has failed on the SYFY network grossed almost 150 million dollars in North America. Much like Deep Blue Sea, the film is such a popcorn brain numbing experience, you cannot help but be entertained. The film follows a rescue diver played by Jason Statham who comes out of his retirement to help the crew of a underwater research station that is being stalked by a giant prehistoric shark. This is the guilty pleasure of 2018 by far, but it is far from perfect. I was hoping that the actual release was going to be an unrated cut. The film I saw at the theaters was fun, but I felt it needed blood and gore to really push the cheese factor. The blu ray release is the same version. That to me is a major downer. I am feeling that the studio had a master cut of this film and they cut it to make it pass for PG13. To throw this film in the August traffic was smart. I feel if this film would have been released any time before that, it would have been not so successful. Much like 47 Meters Down, this film has an intrigue to the consumer. “ How can they pull this off with a budget”?

This film tries way too hard to take itself seriously, which was also another weird option. I wish this film would have revelled in what it was. This film wanted to be Jaws, when it has a premise that is not realistic. This is another one of the co-productions that Warner has with China. This film was better than both Skyscraper and Pacific Rim: Uprising. The casting in this film is eye rolling but yet in some way, it sort of works. There is zero chemistry between the stars or co stars, some of the people are played for laughs and it is not funny. This film feels like the second coming of Jaws 3D. While I was hoping it was more like Deep Blue Sea or Piranha. The last half hour of this film is the strongest, the ending was not so strong. This film was fun enough, and the rewatch value is high. This film is flawed but it is passable. Jason Statham has fun in these kinds of roles and you can tell he was having a blast with this film.

7.5 out of 10