Movie Review-Luciferina

Review-I feel very odd. I am not sure of what I just witnessed. I feel like when a film manipulates you, that you should have an understanding of things occuring during the process. Luciferina, is a story about a woman named Natalia. It seems that she was never baptized. She was in the process of becoming a nun. Things changed fast, when she finds out that her dad is about to die. She cuts ties with the church, to take care of her dad. During this time, she is reunited with her sister, Angela. Angela is nothing like her. The two of them decide to to come together to visit a shaman with some of their friends. They assume this may help their dad or come to terms if he dies. The shaman gives them this revelation. During the revelation they have Lucifer enter the world and kill off most of the friends. Natalia soon learns that she is actually a demon spawn. This film is the equivalent of a big bowl of soup. You have so many different ingredients that you are never quite sure which spoonful you will get. The tone and pacing of this film is all over the place. You truly are never quite sure about what direction this film could be heading towards. The last half of this film is so bat shit insane, that to describe what you get to witness would take the fun out of watching it and living thru the experience.

As a whole the film is a sloppy mess. It is fun to watch as a whole but it is so all over the place. The film has some great horror elements and gore moments. I would say, if you liked every other film in this nature, you will like this one. It is harmless dumb fun. If you think about this film, you will be utterly lost.

7 out of 10