Movie Review-The Witch Files

Review-I am at a loss for words, review over. I am kidding of course. The Witch Files can honestly go down as the biggest surprise of this year. This small budget character study is very thoughtful and at times heartfelt. We have the story much like The Craft of a bunch of mismatched high school girls who end up thrown together and learn about witchcraft. They soon bond themselves and become a coven. This film has some turns that are pretty impressive. I will not get in depth about this film in fear of ruining the sheer surprise that this film brings. Holly Taylor as Claire really gives this film such a flair. She really makes this as star turning session. This film has a sense of dread in certain moments, but nothing too serious. It also has a light sense of humor that works very well with the well written script that is presented. What really got my attention was the fact that this film really played itself into a sense of reason. This film knew what it could accomplish and never went for anything out of the range in terms of special effects or horror. This film played a smart direction that really felt very cohesive and brave.

This film has so much promise that I hate to fault the pacing of the film. This film does have an odd sense of direction at times which reflects on the pacing of the third and final act. The ending felt a little rushed and that they clearly wanted to finish the story up. I wish this film would have been a few minutes more to give the film a better sense of itself. That is such a small complaint while clearly thinking of the big picture overall. This film is fun, and it is the shot in the arm that the industry needs. It really knows what it wants to be and sets out to do it in its own skin. While people will see the cover and read the description and think it is going to be a cheap knock off, it is anything but cheap or a knock off. It is a film deserving of a crowd and who knows what the crowd will determine of the status after viewing. This could be the sleeper hit of the year. A great fun ride that I feel most horror fans can get behind it.

8 out of 10