Movie Review-Skyscraper (Blu Ray)

Review-The Rock is back doing what The Rock does best. There is a thin line between tribute and directly copying. This film is The Rock playing his John McClain. The Rock plays a one legged security consultant. His life is thrown into chaos when he is drawn in the middle of a heist that takes place in the world’s tallest building. It seems that the fear of heights and being one legged is not enough for the director. He throws in the family and the building becoming a towering inferno. This film wants to be a popcorn fun film. The problem is that the characters are not compelling. This story seems so redundant. It is like the director wrote notes from others film to incorporate them when needed. This film wants to build suspense, but you really cannot seem to invest into this wooden film. It seems that The Rock is on auto-pilot and Neve Campbell is wasted as well. The action sequences look so silly. The body count is very small. That was another issue I had. This film needed more violence. It needed to create a sense of dread that we could get the fingernails in our mouth. This film tries to have a clever wit at times, which is neither smirk worthy or clever.

This film tries to pile things on there. “ If you thought this was illogical, wait for this”. I am glad to see the box office was not so great for this film. It just feels like The Rock is a one trick pony. His acting (no matter what the role) always seems to be the same back and forth banter and mannerisms. The man needs something to make him become more diverse. This film is just a sad story. There is very little to recommend and a ton to forget it exists.