Movie Review-Molly

Review-I love the Mad Max films. I can remember seeing The Road Warrior at the Drive In as a child. (Most of you may have to look up what a drive in is) I love the theory of a female Mad Max. Molly is a hit and miss affair though. As much as I really wanted to love this film, there are so many glaring errors that have to be addressed. This film is a mini budget apocalyptic orgy that is fun for the most part. We have learned that the Earth is a wasteland ruled by male oppressors. (This may not be so futuristic if you think about it) Molly is our local bad ass who is out to find food and stop the evil. We meet Deacon who runs an underground fighting establishment. It seems Molly is the only person he is having issues with becoming subservient to him. He sends out his lackeys go to get her, and you know how that turns out. The dialogue in this film is not as much as you would assume. The issue is when you do get talking, it sounds so phony and rehearsed over and over. It does not come across as natural at all. The fights in this film though, are the selling point. They look realistic to the point that they were not staged at all. The last half hour of this film is so exhausting. It all comes at you so fucking fast, that you cannot seem to slow it down. I mean you have a woman with a bionic arm in the film. They throw everything at you, what is not to like about this stew of ideas.

The negatives are pretty easy, the dialogue as I discussed earlier. The pacing and timing is all over the place. This film is like watching two monkeys fuck. It is just frantic at times and slow the next. It was like they were doing acid and wanting to run the marathon. This film is not bad, but it may not have watchability after one sitting. I thought the lead actress playing Molly was fun. Julia Batelaan seems to be having a blast and it does get contagious at times. What else do you expect from the distribution company that has given such odd art films that you either love them and brag out loud or pretend you did not watch them. This is another gem of sorts in their collection.

7 out of 10