Movie Review-Blessed Are the Children

Review-Director Chris Moore is going to be a huge name. It seems that the horror fests all are singing his praises. The man is really smart in the way he tries to get a story across in a way that one can assume he was born to do this. I just watched his latest film Triggered and I was floored. Now, the folks at Wild Eye Releasing are bringing us the film that got people to pay attention to the man. Remember when watching a film was more than background noise or a distraction from you texting? Remember when people actually watched a film? Blessed Are the Children is a film that demands your attention. The film centers on Traci. Traci is your ordinary everyday young lady. We learn that she went thru a bad breakup. During this breakup, we learn that she is pregnant. Nothing is better for a upcoming pregnancy than someone becoming an ex. Especially, when that someone is the sperm donor. The film brings us the subject of abortion in a dark demented humorous sort of way. Her mother as you can assume is not happy and she is always on the attack of her daughter. We also have those damn protestors that play into the film. When Traci visits the clinic is when Chris Moore hits the gas. I am supposed to focus on the characters in this film, but I feel the director is in need of therapy as well. This film reminds me of when you hear a song on the radio. You listen to the lyrics and think, “ how did they come up with this”. I thought about that during moments of this film. Some of the visuals in this film are truly messed up. (Not in a bad way)

This film has some pacing issues. It is not perfect. Then again, these days what is perfect. The feeling I had was that of enjoyment and escapism. Those two factors tell me that this film did it’s job. If you want to see a film that could be a cult classic down the line, this film could be it. When people talk about indie horror and they point out 5 million dollar budget films and praise them. It insults films like this. This is a true indie horror gem that deserves a crowd. I am supposed to end this review with a hard sell job. I want to do something different. Indie films are my passion. I am a judge at three fests. It makes me smile when I see films like this one getting deals. There are hundreds more that should also be released. I feel like a proud parent when films I praised in festivals circuits are finally out for all of you to see. Kudos also to Rob at Wild Eye Releasing. He has his ear to the railroad track and has such an impossible job of promoting so many great films on his label. That rant coming out of me aside. Blessed Are the Children is a good date film, especially if you are thinking about having sex afterwards.

8 out of 10