Movie Review-American Guinea Pig: The Song of Solomon

Review-Stephen Biro is a name that most gorehounds get boners about. His name can be mentioned on anything, and fans will assume it is going to be insanity at the very least. I will be honest, I have been hard on the American Guinea Pig series as a whole. The Song of Solomon is the one that shut my fucking mouth. This is the best role Jessica Cameron has had to date. Another fact, I have been very hard on Cameron in the past as well. This role I feel will silence her harshest critics. (Till they see her in Red Eye, then they will get back to their hate) I am not going to say this film is better than The Exorcist or even Hereditary. Those statements are unfair. I feel this film is better than it has any right to be. That is a fair statement. There are some visually stunning moments in this film that will get your attention. The film centers around Mary, who is played by Jessica Cameron. She has become possessed by some kind of satanic entity. The film centers on a group trying to get the demon out of her. The storytelling in this film is just grotesque imagery and whatever can make you close your eyes. The scenarios that play out in this film will have your attention and even have it when the film is over. This is demented fuckery in its finest form. The formula that makes this film so fun is that it does not give a fuck. It is meant to offend the viewer. It wants to take you on a roller coaster ride thru hell. It wants you to beg for the horror to stop. Most of all, it paints such a cruel picture that you feel helpless while you watch this film happen. The scuttlebut is that Biro is working next on a documentary about the film, “ A Serbian Film”. How fucked up is that? This film is a must for all gorehounds and horror fans. This is a fun ride and clearly the best thing from Biro to date, and Cameron by far to date.

8 out of 10