Blu Ray Review-Dragnet

Review-In the 80’s, there was this craze. Police Academy came out and did monster business. All of a sudden, we had to have all these other cop comedies. During this fast paced game of get them to the theaters, someone had the thought to do a reboot of the popular television show Dragnet. I can remember sitting in a packed theater outside of my university seeing this film on a busy friday night. I do not truly remember how I felt about the film back then. So, I got the blu ray and wanted to relive this film and see if it held up. Does that make sense? Probably not, but I am trying. This film is like a sandwich. The first hour of the film is like a good taste. 15 to 20 minutes is like the craving for a second bite. The remainder is just a sad letdown. I know everyone these days has to have that over-the-top blasted in your mind ending. This ending is Hollywood at its most annoying. The film takes bits and parts from the original tv shows. They add a huge dose of humor and some oddly placed plot about a Los Angeles pagans cult that is into satanic stuff. Dan Aykroyd is Joe Friday. The dry pan nephew of the original. Tom Hanks is Detective Streebek. The Steve Guttenberg character. I understand the need to break the mold and stand as your own, but this film is so far from what Dragnet was about. I did not hate the film. I hated the ending. That ending is just puke worthy.

You could truly tell that Hanks was on his way. Bachelor Party, Splash and this film showcased his range and how badly he wanted to be a star. Dan on the other hand handles his role with class and such a stop and go mentality that you cannot help but admire them. This film has so many plot holes. This film also lacks logic at times. Overthinks at other times. The supporting cast really had fun in their roles as well. The special features were a negative for me. It felt so thrown together and really lacked any passion. I feel if you already have the film, just hold on to it. While the transfer that Shout did, really looks good. It just does not justify a double dip if you already own it.

7 out of 10