Blu Ray Review-City Slickers

Review-I am happy and sad by the release of City Slickers. It comes out on October 16th, which is eerie because my father died on October 19th 1991. Why would I bring this up? This was the last film we saw together. Shout has released this now with a beautiful 4k transfer that fixed the grainy last transfer we got. The other features have not changed from the last release. This film is a classic. It showcases how three people who face everyday issues handle living in a different environment. The humor does not overtake the power of the performances one slight bit. This film is funny on the surface but so heartwarming and emotional in its core. Billy Crystal, Stern and Kirby just are naturals and this film feels so convincing. The action sequences have such a slapstick comedy feel to them, that you really embrace them. This film is so ambitious that it had every right to fail, but it did not. This film is about a group of white collared males who go to a dude ranch. This is a film that has so much realism sewn thru it, that you forget at times you are watching a film. I want to claim this is male bonding during mid life crisis, but I am really feeling that this is about three men who just suffered from the same old schtick that needed a change in life. Needed a way to recapture their manhood and smiles. The late Jack Palance still shines as Curly, who really sums up the old days of westerns to a tee. This film has such an impressive dialogue. It was like they wrote the script with a sense of where they wanted to go and did not care about anything else but the direction.

The negatives are all about the bonus features. I wish they would throw in something else. It just feels empty to a point if they have the other blu rays. Rumors once persisted that there was a bigger cut to the film that would have put an R rating on it. If this is true, why has it not seen the light of day yet? As much as I loved the first film, I hated the sequel. This is my sales pitch, the holidays are upon us, if you want a stocking stuffer for a mother or father who was alive in 1991, this could be a good little gift. This is a fun family film that is so harmless but yet self assured. This is just a comedy that defines the ages and still stands the test of time.

9 out of 10