Blu Ray Review-The Gore Gore Girls

Review-This is the best transfer to this blu ray yet. I will use that as my sales ploy to start off this review of mixed emotions over the contents of the film. I can remember growing up and loving this film. I originally saw it in the late 80’s at a midnight movie. The first pressing on dvd that I bought was grainy and sandy. The sound was barely presentable. As a fan though, you have to buy it. That is when the mighty blockbuster refused to carry it, and Suncoast wanted an organ and arm for it. Arrow has really made this a personal pet passion. They really cleaned up the picture quality and sound. The bonus commentary was nostalgic as it was fun. The issue is the film itself. This film has not aged well. This film opens with a nut shot of a gore scene. Let me rephrase this sentence, this film has some amazing gore moments. The problem is that the flow of this film is just so uneven. I do not hate this film. I am far from that feeling. I am just confused by the majority of it. I asked myself what did I think he was going for with this shot or this scene. Even the comedic ending that felt so out of place. The iron sequence enough on blu ray is well worth the purchase. I just feel like this film was a battle of two ideas and two visions. This film goes in a direction of pure violence and gore one scene, than throws a random scene meant to calm us down or make us smirk. I feel that this film was never quite sure what it wanted to be. Again, I did not hate this film. I have seen this film 8 times in my life. I will more than likely see it 8 more before I die.

Arrow has created a library of films that showcase a special love and appreciation. They have put so much time and money in Lewis’s library in the last 5 years. It is so close to the holiday shopping season again and if you are looking for that special gore hound gift, this would rule. This is easily one of the better releases by Arrow. This film has everything you would want from the godfather, he gives you so much to digest. The film is yet flawed, but so is life and we still all live happily.

8 out of 10