Movie Review-Tomb Raider (Blu Ray)

Review-Hollywood has been trying to produce that female Indiana Jones hero for so long now. They have accomplished very few times, and failed way too many. It just seems that they understand the formula but yet have an issue trying to translate that formula to a box office success. Wonder Woman gave us hope last year. Sadly, the reboot of Tomb Raider does not. I will admit, I did bare the two Jolie starring Lara Croft films. I will also admit, I do play the games on both XBOX 1 and PS4. I think the issues with this film start and end with directing choice. Roar Uthaug is a Norwegian film director who was responsible for the disaster film The Wave. Much like that film, Tomb Raider feels like a badly edited less than thrilling ride. I think the casting of Alicia Vikander as Lara was a misfire. This was clearly the role that Daisy Ridley would have rocked. This film is so dialogue heavy that we get bored easily with how much character development we actually get. You can tell the ambition was there, this film just feels like a bunch of ideas to cater to a studio head more than entertain a crowd. Like they had a checklist of what to display. This film is loud and full of emptiness. The action sequences in this film just feel so thrown together more than needed. I did like the last act of this film. It felt everyone was comfortable at that point. Before that, this film felt too ambitious for all involved. Where I felt the two Jolie films had very little depth or character development. They did not need them. This film had way too much. This film felt like it was an unfinished thought. The pacing in this film is so odd. This film really feels like it went on the fly.

5 out of 10