Movie Review-House Shark

Review-You have read this right, it is a film about a shark that has invaded a suburban neighborhood house. What else can you expect from Ron Bonk? The man is living proof that if you use insanity as a tool, it works miracles. This film is fun, more than it should have been. The film centers on a father and son who realize that they have a shark inside their house. When the son tells his babysitter in the opening sequence about the noises he hears at night, she laughs it off as if he is just a kid. She will soon go to the bathroom and see first hand that the kid was not lying. She realizes too late there is a shark in the toilet. Let this sink in for a second, there is a fully grown shark in a toilet. The film tries so hard to be clever with its premise and also the way it wants to display the actors. We get a scene where the father is explaining to his ex-wife what is happening while he is outside living in a tent. The running time on this film is close to 2 hours. That is my negative, and I wanted to address it. This film I felt could have been very effective and told the same story in 90 minutes or less.

The film offers up some very chessy yet interesting dialogue. It also offers up enough eye candy for the young males. This film has a vibe that reeks of uncertainty though. You really feel that the cast and crew were playing it by ear, truly never having an ending point or for that matter a starting one. The film comes across as a bunch of ideas that feel like they are trying to find a common thread. I am not going to take away the fun factor. This film is fun. It has enough blood and gore to keep the horror fans interested. To find common sense in a film that has an absurd premise is my negative. I know what to expect walking into this film and if I am going to down it because it did not deliver on anything more than fun, will be the critics problem not the film. This film does deliver on the fun factor. Though, it does drag on for too long in the end. I did like the last half hour the most. The set up to get to the last half hour has peaks and valleys.

I will recommend this film for the passion that was on display. This film is absurd to the point that it made me feel dumb for liking it. I have to give the crew and cast a ton of credits, for such a small budget they pulled off a good little film.

7 out of 10