Movie Review-The 15:17 to Paris (Blu Ray)

Review-” How can this film fail so badly”? That was the first impression this journey had on me. A journey that I found myself bored with. Based on the true events of August 21st 2015 when three Americans subdued a terrorist while traveling through Europe. The source material alone just seem like Oscar scent. Clint Eastwood directing it was a huge positive sign as well. Clint rarely fails when he has his heart in the material. To also include the original trio who lived thru this reprising their roles in a film was viewed as a positive upon hearing the news. Where this film fails is that it is plain boring. The three people who play themselves in a film seems so bland. When this film shows any signs of life is around the last half hour. That is when it feel that all the people are clearly on board for this film. I felt though that to get to this point, not one person in front of the camera truly wanted to be there. The film felt like the guys were sleepwalking thru a recital of the events they went thru. Clint Eastwood just seems so determined to make the guys feel like superstars more than believable. Never have I meant three heroes that are so unlikable on screen. These are real heroes and should have been made to feel important, not stupid. The script was lazily written to the point that I felt Clint let the stars just wing it. I will not be negative about the whole film, the last half hour really felt unique and captured the moment a little more intensely. This is the same ordeal that the latest Star Wars Origins film Solo had. The film tries so hard to tell us history in a way that insults us, not embraces it. Most people know the story, and I feel the ones who did not will watch this film and not give one care about what happened. This film needed someone to really step in and work on the pacing of this film. Where American Sniper told a compelling story and had you by the throat with a story we all either knew or heard about. This film had the same opportunity and it just failed completely to tell a competent story. I wish Clint Eastwood would step away from the camera and maybe realize that he is starting to lose touch with how to clearly tell a story. I feel he needs someone to help reel him back when his ego feels he can fit a circle in a square spot.