Blu Ray Review-The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame: In Concert

This title will be released on April 24, 2018.

Review-As a music lover, at times I take great offense to the bands that get snubbed by the Hall. How can they include this artist and not this band? How can you induct Pearl Jam and Nirvana but not the artists that inspired them? That being said, when the show actually airs on HBO I am stoked by the performances. If you are a music fan and you were not moved by the Nirvana performance, you may need to question your own fandom. Kim Gordon, Joan Jett, Lorde and St Vincent do their renditions of Nirvana classics with Grohl and Krist. I will say for that alone, it is well worth the purchase. The induction speeches range from preachy to moving, depending on what you really get out of it. I found myself moved by Patti Smith when she talked about Lou Reed. As a huge fan of Reed, I wanted to see this again and again when it first aired. Art Garfunkel to me is a creative musician and a passionate flag holder for the history of music. His speech about Cat Stevens was very thoughtful but yet poetic to the point of masterful. He chose his words very selective but yet clever enough to know how to strike a chord. I will not comment on Green Day going in the hall of fame before Judas Priest, Iron Maiden or Joy Division. (among many other snubs, Kate Bush is a huge snub) If you want to go thru the last four Hall of Fame ceremonies, this blu ray is a must have. Glenn Frey (before he died) covering You’re No Good by Linda Ronstadt is another gem that makes the disc worth having. The negatives for me are not on the shows, the lack of true rock and roll in favor of a hodgepodge of different music genres. I feel that a country music award show would not honor Slayer or Dr Dre. A rap hall of fame would not honor Anthrax or Mordred, even though they had rap elements. Why should the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame cover outside of Rock and Roll? You are telling me Chaka Khan is more deserving than Sonic Youth? Motorhead, Devo, Oasis, Radiohead, Bjork are still not in either. Pearl Jam is in the Hall of Fame before fucking New Order. I think this review has turned into a bitter tirade of who I vote in the Hall of Fame. I would put Men Without Hats in the Hall of Fame before NWA. All in all, this is a great blu ray which I would recommend. Now back to my complaining on who I want in the Hall….The Runaways, Pantera, Tina Turner, Whitney Houston…..