Movie Review-Justice League (Blu Ray)

Review-Who can we truly blame for the DC Universe not delivering like it should? The studio wants to compete with Marvel, that is a given. Where Marvel are rich in their storytelling, it seems DC is in a hurry to get everything together. Batman vs Superman was our first sign that this is going to be a rushed product. Suicide Squad was the second sign that they are going to throw storytelling out the window. When I was giving up on this universe, they give me the goods with Wonder Woman. It seems that now we got the goods, they want to rush us once again with Justice League. This is not a film. It felt like an ad for so many different movies that are going to be coming out. The sad reality of DC is that they basically throw us so much in trailers, that when we get to the film there is not really much more to jump in with. You can clearly tell this film had two different people behind it. The way this film comes across is so uneven and uninspired. Within the first ten minutes we get to meet all the league without really any rhyme or reason. “ Hey, I need your help”, and they just go ahead and join. Clocking in at around 2 hours, this film should have been longer. This film should have had more depth and gave us more of a history of each person. Before anyone reminds me of the 10 second scene in Batman v Superman where we get a glance at this league, I felt that we needed a proper introduction.

The final battle in the film is so tired. The effects were badly shot and to see the CGI on Superman’s face was just bad. Again, we are faced with the question…who is truly to blame for this Universe not delivering? I feel Warner Brothers is thinking twice about the second installment of this film. This film was called a bomb and for good reason, the fans saw it coming from a mile away and knew to stay clear of it. Films like Wonder Woman, Deadpool and now Black Panther clearly showcase that fans are looking for an alternative to the usual hero flick. They are looking for something that changes the landscape. I feel though, Injustice League could be the answer to their woes. Give us a dark film that would awaken the inner geek out of the DC Universe. I know, Killing Joke has been rumored for a big screen adaptation, that could be another step. Warner have walked on this ground before when they had Batman doing very well with Tim Burton, and then made three unnecessary sequels that killed the universe. I will say though, Jason Mamoa as Aquaman could be their next Wonder Woman franchise. Jason seemed ready for this role and his limited screen time really was a highlight of this film. Ezra Miller as Flash, I am on the fence about. He tried way too hard to be convincing to the point it was a little too much. Ray Fisher as Cyborg was wasted. Talk about a huge opportunity that was completely wasted. Gal Gadot who is clearly the shining star of this franchise felt more like a set piece to Ben as Batman. This film for me was the moment that DC had to shine and they failed to capture it. I will not even start with Steppenwolf, who when I first heard the news was stoked about. He felt like Jeff Fahey in The Lawnmower Man 3-The Search for Script. This film was such a letdown for me. I am starting to feel that Wonder Woman was a fluke and that Warner Brothers wants to keep on giving us this rushed garbage and call it a film.