Movie Review-The Darkest

Review-The French have done it yet again. They took a tired horror premise and truly thrown it in a loop. “ The Darkest” is a film that sinks it’s proverbial teeth in your skin early and does not let up. The film opens with Christophe who is a teacher at the local university. He is doing a very bizarre experiment involving locking a cat in a box and putting a knife right thru the box. He makes the class and the viewer wonder if the cat is alive or dead. It is truly a scene that will grab your attention almost immediately. This scene basically summarizes what the film offers the viewer in terms of mental fear. This film takes a turn though, and it becomes a story of the teacher and his lover Celine as they go a tent in the middle of the mountains to visit a dark cave. We learn early in this film that this trip is a metaphor for what seems to be missing in their lives. He gets hit on at school by students and Celine seems to be not so faithful either. The viewer usually thinks that this journey will be a confession based ordeal where they throw drama in the mix and try to be forgiving. This film does not go that route. The film teases horror as they travel on this path during the day. It is when darkness hits that the true horror begins.

It seems that the spot they chose has a secret meaning behind it. The couple start to see things that cannot be real as they blame it on the altitude they are at. Soon, their sins start to play a part in the backdrop of their nightmare. This film is going to be talked about a ton in 2018. This is the film people were expecting with the last Blair Witch film. This film is smart, scary and such a fun trip. I will admit, the last five minutes sort of let me down. I wish the film was more sure of itself and the voice it wanted to end with. The ending felt so standard to a film that is anything but standard. When the couple see their own dead bodies, it is such a beautiful moment in the film where like the opening sequence with the cat, we are wondering what the trick to this is. The dialogue in this film is unique. The male perspective of life and death is deep and very involving. It truly makes you think outside of the realm of horror. Clocking in at 67 minutes, this film really bends reality and showcases the magic to cinema in a way that should be applauded. The last five minutes aside, this film is a very good horror film that with the proper word of mouth can make more people believe that when you try to go against the trend, sometimes you hit gold.

8.5 out of 10