Movie Review-“It” (Blu Ray)

Review-I can remember when I was in my 3rd year of college. This girl I was dating was telling me about this mini series coming on television called, “ IT”. This was during the time that I felt betrayed by the cinematic torture of Stephen King’s works. I decided to watch it with her. I found myself both frightened and amazed at how they captured the story and was faithful to King. I remember writing a paper on the “ fear of clowns”. It was a fear that I found out many students in my school shared. They also were introduced to the mini series and that helped their fear increase. It was long rumored we were going to get a theatrical version of the film. Like most horror fans, I begged not to do it. Why mess with perfection I felt. When I heard that Mama director Andy Muschietti was behind it, I feared we would get a watered down supernatural PG-13 joke.

Like so many horror fans, I went to the midnight show the night before the actual release with a bunch of friends. We were there to witness a film that succeeded in a way that I felt was not possible. From start to finish, I felt like that college student again intoxicated and caught up on the manipulation that the screen provided me. While, I am not going to say it was better or worst than the original, I will say it was unique in its own skin and voice. This film had me leaving the theater with a smile on my face. Now, the blu ray release is upon us and I have to say, even on the small screen it holds up just like it did in the initial release. There are films that you have to experience on a big screen. This is a film that you should experience in any way possible.

This is the first horror film that I feel would be a great contender on the Oscar Ballot. The acting in this film was very good. The story while very rich, also felt believable. This felt like the reading of a fascinating story that you get deeply involved with, more than watching a film. The film was seen as the film that made “ the horror film’ cool again to mainstream audiences. While they often flocked for PG-13 or name brand horror, this was such a risk with an R rating, and it paid off huge.

Where the Warner machine struggled with science fiction and superheroes, it seemed to know the recipe for horror. Much like Get Out, this film proves horror does not have to be dumbed down to get viewers. It can be smart, it can be thought provoking and most of all it does not have to hide the horror. I am not going to say this was the “ horror film of the year”, that is a little too much. I will say, this was a very good horror film that deserves to be hailed as an “ instant classic”. Like, Get Out though, this film should be on Oscar Ballots. This is that crossover film that deserves to be recognized by the committee. If this film wins Best Picture though, hope they say the right name at the show.

9 out of 10