Movie Review-Cars 3 [Includes Digital Copy] [4K Ultra HD Blu-ray]

Review-Pixar has been getting lazy in the last few years. It seems they churn out one good film, “ Inside Out”. After that, you get the scraps. With Pixar, the cracks are starting to show. “ FInding Dory” was lackluster at best. They decided to go to the well again with this “ Cars” franchise. Can 4K delivery save this film? I will say this, the color is radiant and the sound is very incredible, but it does not help this film. While, I was not a huge fan of the first film. I had hope and liked part 2 somewhat more. This third film is just a lazy cash grab. Pixar has been hitting this iron so hard. When “ Cars” hit, they gave us sequels and spin-offs that all were so flat. Pixar is that company that tries to convince us they do not things for the cash, but films like this make them look foolish. To call this film cliche is like calling water wet. This film tries to give us a new take on the film “ Days of Thunder”. You have the “ Rocky” vibe as well, when age is brought in the film.

Lightning McQueen realizes in this film that he is aging and this film basically has him trying to find his mojo. This film tries to embrace the passing of the torch in a way that is supposed to come across as bittersweet. If this film had one ounce of passion, it would have resonated so much better. This film is as passionate as a wet kiss from your sister. The plot is so jumbled and the way they try to establish the characters is so incredibly missed. This film builds towards this ending that you assume will satisfy you. It just misses the mark. This film needed to rely less on the past and try to give us something different. I get that kids will be the ones who bite this apple, but as an adult I want a film that I can watch with a child that I do not have to dumb myself down to enjoy. When you see the label Pixar, you are supposed to have high expectations. You are not supposed to leave ho hum from the film. I get a feeling that this may be the last film for us from this franchise, which is fine with me. I just hope that they can make more original works again.