This is a hard letter to write. In April of this year, I went to a job interview to be a part time inventory counter. I did not think anything could come out of this job. Three weeks in the company, I was pulled in the office and offered management. It was a break that I did not see coming. 7 months later, I struggle with my personal time. I love my job so much that I do not get to see the house too much. The reviewing for me was always such a fun experience. Where some people take to the internet to brag thru pictures and posts that reek of desperation to think they are something. I used my reviews to showcase my passion and let the films and music take center stage. To think I made over 135 dvd covers is insane. It should not have happened, and probably would not if not for you the reader. I am so grateful for everyone who took a second to check me out.

There are a million people I want to say thank you towards. I think when they read this, they will know who they are. To all the PR people who always looked out for the site daily, weekly and monthly…thank you so much, I love all of you so much. It will be weird to go to the mailbox on Monday and there are not boxes or knocks on my door from UPS, Fed Ex and the postal people who cannot fit those boxes in the mailbox. I always had respect for people who knew when it was time to leave and not embarrass themselves with trying to go forward for the wrong reasons. Today’s reviews and critics have zero passion and do this to brag about companies who mail free stuff or trying to be a star themselves. I did not want to be that person. So, to say thank you is deeply my honor. To bow to all of you for this experience which went a full 7 years, thank you so much. Thank you so damn much. I hope this site will go forward, it is an awesome site with a awesome person behind it. All of you are awesome and I been James DePaolo.