Music Review-“The Show Must Go on: the Very Best of Leo Sayer”-Leo Sayer

Track Listings
Disc: 1
1. The Show Must Go On #2
2. When I Need You #1
3. Moonlighting #2
4. One Man Band #6
5. You Make Me Feel Like Dancing #2
6. Long Tall Glasses #4
7. How Much Love #10
8. Drop Back
9. I Want You Back
10. Train
11. Giving It All Away
12. Unchained Melody
13. Dancing The Night Away
14. Another Year
15. Reflections
16. Magdalena
17. Endless Flight
18. Fool For Your Love

Disc: 2
1. Thunder In My Heart #22
2. I Can T Stop Loving You (Though I Try) #6
3. More Than I Can Say #2
4. Have You Ever Been In Love #10
5. Orchard Road #16
6. Easy To Love
7. La Booga Rooga
8. Raining In My Heart #21
9. Heart (Stop Beating In Time) #22
10. The World Has Changed
11. When The Money Runs Out
12. An Englishman In The Usa
13. Oh Girl
14. Living In A Fantasy
15. World Radio
16. Til You Come Back To Me
17. Never Had A Dream Come True
18. Thunder In My Heart Again

Review-Leo Sayer was the epitome of where music was going in the 70’s. Where the late 60’s was opening the floodgates for Vietnam and people wanting peace while screaming for protests and riots, music needed disco to appear. Leo Sayer in his early years was a struggling musician. As soon as disco started to emerge and films like Saturday Night Fever were on the radar, musicians like Sayer started to gain huge followings. The peak of which was in 1977. This is when I was a kid and found about Leo. He was on American Bandstand singing “ You Make Me Feel Like Dancing”. As the money machine was printing his flow, he hit the charts with the follow up which was a ballad called “ When I Need You”. Leo also appeared on The Muppet Show. As did Anne Murray and several other artists at that time. It seemed that music was alive and everyone wanted more. 2017, to listen to Leo Sayer brings me back to such a better era. His pop music is timeless as is his disco flavored songs. To describe this album, it is simple contagious pop music. Where Sayer thinks nostalgia is depressing, this cd is far from depressing. Where people will cite classics like “ One Man Band” as the best of his career. I am fond of the “ Endless Fight” cd. It is the album that introduced me to Sayer and I played till I warped the damn album. I think “ Have You Ever Been in Love” is the last cd I bought from Sayer. ( I keep saying cd, it was album but trying to be modern for the young kids) It had the one hit “ More Than I Can Say”. This is around the time he was writing music for artists like Cliff Richards and wanting to fade in his own career to be a songwriter. This is the definition of a Greatest Hits Compilation. This covers his whole career with such respect and passion. I have to admit, I am such a music geek that I was excited for the first cd more than the second one. I love his earlier stuff more than his later releases. I have to say, if you are a fan of the man and too cheap to buy cds separately, this is a good buy. If you want to discover his music, this is a good start. This is when music really meant something, now let me get off my damn soap box and wear my disco boots.

8 out of 10