Movie Review-The Cropsey Incident (DVD)

Review-What New World Video was to Roger Corman, Wild Eye Releasing is to Rob Hauschild. I believe if the internet was in full swing when New World Video was populating the video store that fans would have shit on every film. Not so much for the quality of the film, but more for them feeling entitled to give their opinion. Let’s face facts, when companies like Wild Eye Releasing go out of business, it will hurt a ton of indie films and directors. Then the internet so called horror critics will bitch and whine that they miss the company. The library of films that Rob has put out has gone from one extreme to another, while still carrying the banner of a “ Wild Eye” product proudly. Julian Grant is the perfect director for this label. Julian is a director who has seen his share of scathing reviews. So many people hated “ The Defiled”, but all those people really could not name a sole scene or reason they hated it beside that the movie sucked. “ The Cropsey Incident” is not a great film, but that being said it has some redeeming qualities that make it a good enough film to watch. This is a small budget indie horror film. If you go into this film seeking “ Annabelle” or fucking “ The Mummy”, then you should not bitch about what this film delivers but how damn stupid you are as a viewer for not giving this film a fair shot on what it truly is. This film tells the story of a legend that a group of people are off into the woods to go find out for themselves. The characters in this film are lacking any sort of structure or logic, but I feel that they work well with this story.

The special effects are what they are. If you know Grant’s history, you will tolerate them more than say some idiot who has no clue what the fuck small budget horror is about. The ending I will admit was a letdown. I feel it was a cheap answer to finish this film. This film as a whole was not the worst. It was definitely a step up from his past work. I feel that the label is on the pulse of films that get people talking. Sometimes it is positive and at times it is negative, but the win is that they are talking. I feel Wild Eye Releasing is going to have a great 2018, and this film as corny as it gets, is at least a dumb fun one time brain numbing affair. This is like finger fucking your sister in the school gym when mom is sleeping in the stands. You will watch this film and at least find something positive about it, but then will never admit it in fear that you would not look good to others. Film is meant to entertain, this film does that at times. Is the film perfect, fuck no. Is the film horrible, if you are an indie film fan and followed the career of all involved from director to label, the film is not as bad as it could be. Instead of a rating of 1 to 10, I will say if you use drugs watch the film at least once. If not, start using drugs and then watch this film.