Movie Review-Popcorn (Blu Ray)

Review-Synapse Films finally gives us the long awaited blu ray of Popcorn. Popcorn is a forgotten little treasure that capitalized on Jill Schoelen. In this film she plays Maggie. She is a film student who has been recording her nightmares. I know the old adage of always beware of a horror film that starts off with a bad dream sequence. The nightmare comes to life as Maggie and her fellow students are inside a art house theater called Dreamland. The theory of having a film inside a film may turn off some, but I always admired the premise of trying to have too many anchors in the sea. This film does a great balancing act between trying to convince us and trying to manipulate us to be convinced. Jill showcases why she was one of the scream queens of the late 80’s, as she really does very well with the material she is given. There is really not enough blood to keep most modern horror fans happy. Let us be honest, most modern movie fans are stupid fucks who are never happy no matter what. You know the type, that only watch a movie to be a dick and spoil it for people who have not seen it. Who basically waits and watches his phone for anyone to call and ignores the film, but when he or she looks up is disappointed that they are lost in the story and still bitch about it.

I mean, everyone’s a critic. Everyone has a youtube video daily posted that they use “ smart words” that they look up and feel important and above the film for saying them. They could be some uneducated hick who runs online to whine when they do not get free stuff to review and then when they do get free stuff, only trashes it and then sells the films behind the back of the studio and PR. We all know the type. There is no passion anyone in film goers. They can see 100 people praise a film, they want to be the one who tears it down just to feel special. Look at the major sites, I mean to say the once major sites. They beg people for funding. “ We are horror fans but we want you to pay us, because studios no longer support us”. If you are truly horror fans, you would not beg for support, you would just carry on for the passion. My bad, these days you put a price on passion. I loved this film despite its flaws, and I feel any true horror fan who is in their heart and soul a fan who loves this genre will support this film.

8 out of 10