Movie Review-Lycan (DVD)

Review-Lycan is a film that I feel most horror fans will be split on. Directed by Bev Land, Lycan is a mesh up of sorts. It tries to use a mentality of today with a mindset of the 80’s. The camera work in this film is unique and ambitious. You can tell that someone did their homework before embarking on this movie. The execution at times has issues. The pacing of this film is uneven. This film wants us to feel it is original, while it is clearly not. The music in this film paints a mood that will be welcoming to fans. It makes us feel open to what this film will throw at us. This film does not whisper “ slasher film”, it screams it on the top of its lungs. The opening manipulates us to feel we know where the movie could be heading. Basically it gives us its best punch up front. The problem is that after the first punch, the film starts to struggle to find itself for the second one. One of the names in this film stuck out to me, Vanessa Angel. If you can remember back to the Weird Science television show. She was one of the stars of that show. She also showcased her talents in Kingpin. What she is doing in this film is part of the cheese factor that this film does display. It is horror for Christ sakes, you know the film will have flaws. The question should be, did you have fun with this film? This film is problematic and lacks all kinds of logic, but it was damn good fun. This film reminded me of one of those bad made for video 80’s films that you got from the video store and watched it alone and then a week later, felt you had to watch it again. The horror element is so cliche and absurd, but it adds to the utter fun of this film. All in all, this film is predictable, silly and down right offbeat. That being said, I really had fun with it for the most part and rolled my eyes for most of it as well.

7 out of 10