Movie Review-Kick-Ass (4K Ultra HD 4K Digital)

Review-Today is a great day. Kick Ass has finally arrived on 4k Blu Ray. When this film opened, I was in the theater on opening night. At the time, we were so used to superhero films being presented in this conventional bow. Then, films like Super hit the scene. It threw convention out the window in favor of a darker vibe. Then, we got Kick Ass. This ultra violent balls to the walls film that opened the door for films like Deadpool and Kingsmen to come into. Walking out of the theater, I felt this film is best experienced in a setting that has rabid fans and an excellent dolby projection. I bought the film on blu ray when it was released. The blu ray transfer was fine for what it was, but it did not have the spark and fire that the theater provided me. I know it had nothing to do with my television or equipment. Now, we get the 4k. The sound is actually an improvement on the theatrical experience. This dolby soundtrack is crisp and loud. The film felt fresh and different on my television. It made me feel like I was watching the film for the first time.

The picture just adds another dimension to the film. This is why fans are no longer going to the multiplex. Technology has made it a better convenience to go ahead and spend the money and get the 4k technology, because it is far superior to the movie theater digital. To me, this heightened the violence and the way the heroes came across. The movie itself is genius. I know people seem to lose steam with the last act of the film. To me, in hindsight, knowing that there was a sequel on the horizon, I did not mind all the subplots and the way the story seemed to slow down. The big negative to me on this film is that I feel we still have not seen the completed film. It was long rumored that there was going to be a longer cut of this film. One that built the friendship between Red mist and Kick Ass, to make the final sequence more meaningful. That there was violence that was cut to make the film an R. Kick Ass is one of those films that was so far ahead of the time. It took the genre four years to catch up. This was one of the first comic book films that mixed comedy with this sinister undertone and made it work so well. In terms of 4k, I would say if you do not own Dredd or Kick Ass, these are the top two to own. They are both very incredible and feels like the technology was made just for them.

9 out of 10