Movie Review-It Stains the Sands Red (Blu-ray)

Review-It seems that I have heard of this premise before. A young woman against the zombie plague. It just feels like this is not the first time I have heard of this. It Stains the Sands Red wants you to think they are re-inventing the wheel. The film opens when the zombie apocalypse has wiped out Las Vegas. We are in this car just speeding down a dusty and dirty stretch of road in a wasteland heading towards the outside of the city limits. We meet the young lady, Molly and her boyfriend. As you can tell by my description a few sentences ago, the boyfriend is not in this film for too long. On their way to Mexico, their car has an issue and makes a stop. This is when the film becomes a cat and mouse game with Molly fighting off a zombie. This film has a good sense of what it wants the viewer to feel. In one instance, the zombie is the enemy but in the next they play it off as a sympathetic creature. The film has a light feel at times when it tries to inject a sense of dark humor in the mix. The acting in this film is fair for what it calls for.

The film is not going to win over many zombie fans, but it may win over some horror fans. The film has an odd sense of delivery, where it gives you pivotal moments to cheer for. There are moments in this film that I felt were a bit uneven, but the last half hour really gives the viewer more than enough to make up for the shortcomings. I feel while this is not exactly a groundbreaking film, there are moments that point to zombie films going away from the normal formula. The sympathetic moments in the film really paint a picture that other films and television shows are missing the boat not exploring zombie culture deeper. Is this film worth watching, of course. I can go on record and say, I can see some people really making a big deal out of this film and in a slow year for horror, putting it in their best of lists. I can see some as well, going the opposite. While this will not be in my best of the year list, it will be in my must see once list. I am not sure if this film will warrant a second viewing, but it does have enough to offer to warrant a watch.

8 out of 10