Movie Review-Dawn Of The Dead Collector’s Edition (Blu Ray)

Review-Looking back on the 2004 remake of “ Dawn of the Dead” shows just how far the world has come. James Gunn helped write this film. James Gunn now is a successful director after his two trips into the MCU. Zack Snyder directed this film and he is now a director in the DCU at times. I would have used the word “ successful” but I feel that may be a stretch. I feel after “300”, he has lost a few steps. I will be honest, this is by far, his best film. The beauty of Shout putting this film out is that you get the unrated version that accompanied the German release. Which means that you get the nude scene early on. I will say the transfer that Shout has put out is by far superior to any other release to date. They have stacked up the special features for any die hard fan to chew upon. The differences between the original and this remake are very insightful as to how forward the film industry has advanced. From the view of a fan, this film is slick and the acting is far better than the original. The benefit of the original is the dark humor that Romero scattered around. This film sadly lacks that lightness to throw the viewer off guard. Romero used the mall in his film as a metaphor, this film uses the mall as a symbol.

The 1979 film also dug into the culture and the people in it. This film just throws us into this obnoxiously paced horror fest. This film plays the zombie disease very shallow. They basically just want to get to the gore and the meat of the film. This film needed a more focused way of telling a story. While the acting is better in this film, there is a sad lack of depth with the characters. I feel that this film rushed thru everything so fast that it just needed to slow down. This film is the equivalent of giving a hyper kid more sugar and expecting them to be calm. With all that being said though, I loved this film and feel it is one of the ten best of the last decade. This film is vile, violent and downright sadistic. This film is not afraid of pushing the envelope. This film is better than it has any right to be. I loved the way the zombies were so uncertain. You really never knew what they were going to do next. That uncertainty created a tension that I feel is missing from most horror films. Snyder may have a bad reputation among movie fans. No one though, can say his remake of Dawn of the Dead is a low point. This film is certainly his best work, followed by the silly films about Spartans.

9 out of 10