Movie Review-All the Sins of Sodom / Vibrations (Blu-ray)

Review-Film Movement Classics have really upped the ante this holiday season. I know Vinegar Syndrome released the blu ray of All the Sins of Sodom a few years ago. They did not put the time and love into it, as this release does. In the early days of this film it played under the title of All the Evils of Satan. As you can tell by that title, it sort of limited the appeal that director Joe Sarno felt this film could attract. This film shot in the eerie chill of black and white. This tale shows us a photographer and the obsession that becomes the downfall. This film is just painted in this lusting desperation of the character known as Henning. The desperation we see from the start is this obsession he has of shooting the inner evil that women seem to hide within. His agent wants him to shoot just simple nudes, which at first he agrees with. Our first taste of his world is when we meet Leslie. She is a captivating young dark haired lady who has no problem with shedding her clothes or anything else that comes with the territory. She decides to sleep with Henning. Which after the sex he tells her that he has a rule of sleeping with a woman and then never seeing them again. This time though, he feels different. Things get different when he meets the next model his agent brings named Joyce. Henning feels sorry for her. She sings a sad story about being broke and on the street. He takes pity on her and lets her stay in the spare room of his studio. He turns to Joyce as to fill his void. He thinks she is the evil that he has been wanting to capture. The problem is that he does not see but he is actually creating the evil in her. This film was amazing to watch. The performances all stood out as strong. The shifting of mood was very tense and created a curiosity in me that I felt I had to see this film end. I found myself really trying to figure out how this film could end. This is a treasure of a film.

Joe Sarno is a genius. In 1968, he really put out two very strong films. The first one we just discussed, the second is Vibrations. As much as I loved All the Sins of Sodom, I found myself even more impressed with Vibrations. We have a story of two sisters who seem to reek of sin. There is Julie, who is this free-spirited hippie like girl who goes to New York to stay with her sister, Barbara. As you can assume, Barbara is very much the opposite. One night, Julie hears orgasmic moans coming from this room next door to them. Julie meets a woman who seems to love pleasuring herself a lot. Julie decides to go in the room for a wild night, and then tries to encourage her uptight sister to join. This is a rare film of a skin film having characters we generally care about. There is so much emphasis put on the two sisters, that we find ourselves curious as to how far their desires will go. This film is smart and very well shot. The script is not your usual skin film, it is very smart and yet at times very dark. This film has such a challenging atmosphere that I felt confused as to what I was watching but yet so enthralled that I could not turn away. This film is sexual in such a creative and genius way. For a film that is 50 years old, it felt fresh and very ahead of the curve. This is one blu ray that I strongly encourage everyone to buy. This is the first must own film of October.

10 out of 10