Movie Review-A Ghost Story (Blu Ray)

Review-Is it too early to start Oscar buzz? As much as I loved Casey Affleck last year in Manchester By The Sea. It seems this year he has hit another home run. A Ghost Story is a masterpiece. This is a timeless, memorable film with a influx of beauty and preciseness that pierces your soul. The film is simple enough but yet effective. The special features tells us a tale of a film that was shot for close to 100 thousand dollars over the course of a few days. It has two past Oscar winners in Affleck and Rooney Mara. The film may feel like a slow burn for some, but if you really follow the story it is so hypnotising and rich. This film constantly challenges the viewer to follow along, as it did with the actors to sink their teeth into the roles. This film is basically about two people that live together on the countryside. The man is a struggling musician and the females feels suffocated by his passion and yet feels tested by his indecision. An accident happens one day and next thing you know we have Casey in a white sheet.

The film feels so direct in the way it presents love and emptiness. The setting of this film seems more realistic than what we get in reality off screen. You really feel like this film has such an indecisive feel that it drags you along till it figures out which way to take you. The unpredictability of the material is what sets this film apart from the other films we are forced to accept from Hollywood. This summer felt so tiresome. We had an overflow of superhero films, sequels and just fare that is more suited for families. A film like this is so rare on such a congested summer. It is original, unique and very passion filled. This film is so smart in the way it manipulates us to follow and feel the realism just drip from the screen. This film deserves all the Oscar buzz and Casey has to be seen as an A lister now. This film is a must see for any person who feels loneliness or love, or a confusion of both combined with such a far off notion life is not a journey, it is a far off coast.

9 out of 10