Movie Review-Wonder Woman (2017) (BD) [Blu-ray]

Review-A show of hands, when the summer blockbuster slate started to take form, how many predicted that “ Wonder Woman” would beat out the field to be the biggest grossing film in North America this summer? This film could be seen as the film that has ignited the passion back into the DC Universe and the upcoming release of “ Justice League”. This is a film that is not afraid to have fun. Where the DC Universe has showed us in the past they are wanting to inject more humor into the films, I have felt with films like “ Batman V Superman” and “ Suicide Squad” that the humor was flat and took away from the vibe of the film. This film on the other hand has such a rich story to tell, that you feel at times if this film went longer, it may not have been such a bad thing. The film centers on Diana. We learn her origins as she is wanting to be a warrior and fight for the good. Her life changes forever when a young pilot crashes near the island. “ Princess of the Amazons” Diana sees this as her chance to do good and help save the world from this “ war to end all the wars”. Director Patty Jenkins grabs the source material and makes it in her own vision. The chemistry between Chris Pine and Gal Gadot carries the film.

The look of the film is bold and the atmosphere is tense and thrilling. This film has such a passion and energy that even when the action is not taking place the story keeps your attention. I will admit in my fanboy glee that the ending fight was lackluster. I feel the last half hour of this film was in such a mad dash that it became a bit obnoxious. This has become a big negative to both Marvel and DC, that they have yet to really capture the epic encounter that would keep the spirit of the comics. The acting in this film is very good. The storytelling is also very captivating. This film has a charm that fans of the comic can rally and get excited about. This is a film that you have to cheer and get out of your seat with pure excitement. Though, the ending half hour was chaotic and uneven. This being said, as much as I disliked the sequel to “ Guardians”, I really enjoyed this film. I saw it twice at the theater, and now on blu ray. I think “ Justice League” has some big shoes to fill. Hopefully DC and Warner Brothers have taken this gold and found a way to make it spread out. As bad as the last half is, this is still one of the best films of this year.

9 out of 10