Movie Review-The Otherworld (Blu Ray)

Review-So the Summer Box Office was a flop. Hollywood is not putting out many original films anymore, the critics and fans are crying. Yet, they still flock to see the leftovers and retreads that grace the multiplex. The question remains, “ What is the future of the industry”? If you would have asked me this question after I walked out of Hardware, my answer would have been Richard Stanley. The problem with his future was that he would soon get consumed by the Hollywood machine and do a remake that would basically end all that talk. I have seen countless specials and interviews from people who worked with Stanley. “ The Otherworld” is a different type of documentary. Either you are manipulated into the intelligence of the subject or you are impatient with how the documentary is presented. The intention of this film was to be cheaply shot and art house acceptable. This film chronicles a situation that was weird by his account. I feel the psychedelic feel of this film was LSD infused. This feels like a water hole talk during drug sessions.

To hear others talk about this subject as the man himself does, it just feels like they want us to believe but not believe at the same time. The best comparison I can draw is to listen to Timothy Leary tell a story in his heyday. The film comes across uneven at times and suffers from moments that clearly are second guessing themselves. The material for the most part is well presented and in the end really was fair. I just had an issue with how this film is presented as a whole. This would have been better to be trimmed by 20 minutes. It really feels like they were stretching and could not figure out what they wanted to proceed forward with. It is an interesting subject, and is presented in a fair way. I feel this film is trying too hard to be something it is not. This film would have been better as an extra on the “ Island of Dr Moreau” collector’s blu ray. If you like Richard, this will be a fun enough watch for you. If you have zero patience, you may want to consider another film.

6 out of 10