Movie Review-Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (Blu-Ray + Digital HD with Ultr Blu-ray)

Review-What made the first Pirates of the Caribbean film so special is sadly missing in this 5th installment of the film. Johnny Depp is back to reprise his role as Captain Jack Sparrow. This time around the storytelling is uneven and unsure of itself. Much of the 2 hour plus running time is a visually display of stunt filled art pieces. I will admit, as much as I loved the first film. It just seems that every film after lost something that made the first one so grand. This time around is not as bad as part 4, but it is nowhere near the return we would have expected. Where Johnny Depp seemed to have more free reign in the first film, this time around he seems so subdued. His character lacks the fun aspect of what we have come to expect from him. This film really seems to be in no hurry to get from point A to point B. One minute, it throws us in this story and the next it tries to dazzle us with some stunts that feel so out of place. When we get to see the ghost sharks appear after the parting of the ocean, it really lacks any sort of tension or thrill. It seems like they were going for a bad amusement park ride more than a thrilling display. Javier Bardem adds nothing to his role but he really takes nothing away.

There is this one running gag in the film about how smart a woman is. They seem to think she is some kind of witch. The joke at first was fun, but the joke gets used in several more scenes and it borders on overkill. This film does not really come to life till the last half hour. I have to admit, the last half hour of this film was fun. It had me glued to the screen and exciting. Then it was all over. Which made me feel like the wind was let out of my sail. A film like this is perfect for the 4K experience. As the dolby sound really is clear and crisp. The colors of this film are pleasantly displayed in their full glory. I did not hate this film. The film really tried very hard to be a solid story. The problem is that this film really has no other purpose than to sell tickets and make money more than trying to be entertaining. The ending sets up for our next story, which I just feel that after dismal box office returns in North America that they should really rethink this. (Though, the film will make it all back now with home video and foreign box office) You had to think that Disney saw this film as a cannot miss. In a summer, that the cannot miss films did miss, it really leads you to think what is next?

7 out of 10