Movie Review-It Comes At Night (Blu Ray)

Review-This is my third time watching “ It Comes at Night” and I am still trying to figure out if this is a horror film. This film is a drama that has horror elements and themes. Much like “ The Witch”, this is a film that is dependant on full attention by the viewer. I feel all the negative that this film has received are from people who really did not pay attention or were trying to outsmart the material. This film is built around a family who has built this quarantine like shelter. The shelter is deep in the woods, and they are hiding from this outbreak of a virus that is flesh eating. We meet the head of the family Paul, who is a former school teacher. His wife, Sarah and their teenage son Travis. The three spend the majority of their time gathering water and food. The nights are when they are in hiding and fearing what they hear. Their world changes when Will tries to break into their home. Will claims to be trying to find supplies for his wife Kim and their young son Andrew. Paul lets the family come inside his shelter. This film has such a unique way of telling a story. We feel the paranoia and dread as we hear the same noises that they do.

We are never clearly sure of what could be going on, which heightens the paranoia and manipulation that this film gives us. This film paints such a dire picture in this way where we are really not sure of how dire it could possibly be. We are always left to assume or guess. What this film really accomplishes is that it makes us ask more questions then get answers. This film is intelligent and bleak. The atmosphere leads us to question everything and anything. The acting was very well presented. The script avoided cliche and really thought outside the proverbial box. This film is not only clever but it takes risks. It makes the viewer think. It draws the viewer in with its premise but delivers something truly unique and smart. In a year that Hollywood seemed to flop everything and run out of ideas, this is a film that should have been such a bigger deal. This is your chance now to see it on Blu Ray or DVD, and believe me this is a film you do not want to miss.

8.5 out of 10