Movie Review-Cult of Chucky (Blu Ray)

Review-It is very hard to believe that next year will mark the 30 year anniversary of Child’s Play. in 1988, I can remember when television shows were talking about this scary doll and the impact it will have on younger viewers. 30 years later and 7 films later, it seems that the doll is not ready to die just yet. This installment like the last one is direct to home video. This film also centers on Nica who in this offering has been institutionalised. She was blamed for the killings that Chucky committed in the last film. Doctor Foley insists that she has schizophrenia and decides to bring a few Chucky dolls to try and show her that a doll cannot commit murder and let her face her fears. We are to assume at first that these dolls are harmless because the real Chucky doll is in a cabin with Andy torturing it. That is what we are led to believe. It seems that Chucky’s spirit has created this cult of such with other dolls and basically anyone else who he comes into some contact with thru one of the dolls. We have Jennifer Tilly return as Tiffany. We have a second cameo after the credits that I will keep on the hush. These are meant to give the film a fun feel. The problem is that this franchise has run out of steam and it shows. I will say of all the Child’s Play films, this is the most graphic and goes heavy on the gore. This film has a Final Destination feel to the kills.

This film does have fun with what it offers, and at times the viewer has fun with it. The first hour of this film lacks logic but really delivers on a decent enough build to what the last half hour does offer. It feels that Fiona Dourif and Jennifer Tilly were only in this film for the paycheck. Chucky’s one liners are flat, they are not the least bit amusing or absurdly cheesy. They are just flat. This ending credit sequence I did not mind. I think some will feel it is a cheap way to keep viewers interested in where the story is going. I feel this transferring of Chucky body to body should have been explained more. This film expects us to just go along with what they give us. This film throws so much random nonsense at us. We are engulfed in a kill and the way the story is about to wrap up, then out of nowhere we get a kiss between Fiona and Tiffany that felt so out of place. This film needed structure and a script more than it needed random scenes to get fanboys excited. I did not hate the film, I just found myself wondering why this film exists. Did we really need another Chucky film? Do we really need another one after this? In the age of Annabelle and It, horror has to be smarter and creative. This film is neither one of those, but it is bubblegum dumb fun.

7 out of 10