Movie Review-All Eyez On Me [Blu-ray]

Coming to Home Video on September 5th from Lionsgate

Review-If Tupac Shakur was alive, this film would have been on a cheaply run dvd label and unauthorized by the man himself. As much as I loved “ Straight Outta Compton”, I despised “ All Eyez on Me”. When the rumors started about a film about the rap prophet focusing in on his life and his work, I was excited. Talk about a figure that divided both fans and critics. The man was always the focus of attention. From his violent antics to his incredible cds, Tupac was the Elvis Presley of the modern day. This film basically tells you zero, you did not already know. This film would confuse people who were not familiar with the artist, but yet disappoint the ones who were familiar. This 2 plus hour film has zero passion, zero heartfelt dialogue and most of all zero personality. Three things that the artist himself always had in abundance. Director Benny Boom basically takes the Wikipedia page and brings it to light. This film basically strips down everything we liked about the artist and gives us a hammy story that has zero going for it.

I did find the third act of this film interesting enough. We seen so many different takes on when Tupac signed with Death Row Records. This film makes it feel like Tupac was Eve and wanted to bite the damn apple so bad, and Suge was Satan himself. The drama in this film comes across as a cancelled soap opera. The live performances in this film are so tacky and overblown. You can tell that the actor was not into the task of playing Tupac and it shows. I am still holding out for “ The Tupac Film”. There has yet to be one film or documentary that truly features the artist in a fascinating way. This film is more about shallow ideas and information instead of trying to delve into the characters. This film tries to glamorize what actions he took and what decisions he made. It tries to gloss over the man himself and try to create this “ Holier Than Thou” personality. I am shocked that the family let this film come out. I understand about wanting your family legacy to be shown, but like this? I can make the assumption that money was passed and people were happy. Even so, this film is an embarrassment to everything that was Tupac.