Movie Review-47 Meters Down [Blu-ray]

Coming to home video on September 26th

Review-Talk about a film that got lucky. Originally supposed to be released on home video by Anchor Bay in 2016, “ In the Deep” was pulled at the last minute. Months later, reports surfaced that the film was going to be distributed by Lionsgate and called “ 47 Meters Down”. The biggest news about this report was that they were aiming for a theatrical release. Some will say that the surprise hit “ The Shallows” may have a hand in that happening. The made for video film that cost a little over 5 million dollars, would see a 43 million dollar run at the theater. I am an avid lover of shark films. I did not mind “ The Shallows”. I did not mind some of “ Cage Dive”. That being said, I really liked “ 47 Meters Down”. To see this at the movie theater was amazingly fun. This film also gave the crowd an ending to really ponder. The film follows a young lady named Lisa who most recently has been dumped. She decides that a trip with her sister could cheer her up. During this trip, they meet a pair of local guys. The guys tell the girl that they have a friend who work on a dive-boat and encourage the sisters to join them. The ladies have no diving experience and are really nervous, but that does not stop this pair as they jump into it. All seems fair, until the cable securing the cage to the boat gets snapped. The girls are plunged to the ocean floor which is 47 Meters Down.

The fear to this film is not so much the unknown, but the known. We realize early on that they are surrounded by sharks and other ocean life. The film tends to use that to heighten our paranoia. Where, “The Shallows” took a superhero like approach to the struggle of person vs shark, this film takes a slower pace and more methodical way of conveying their struggle. This film is not ashamed to paint their situation as dire. It constantly reminds us of how dire it truly is for them. The film is not perfect. It does have a moment or two that they depend on past films to draw an inspiration. They use familiarity as a disguise. The ending to this film is a punch in the stomach. It is clever I assume, but it also feels like a cop out at the same time. If your choices are “ The Shallows”, “ Cage Dive-Open Water 3” or this, I would recommend this one first. Where the other two films try so hard to give us more stories to digest, this film sells us on one story and keeps us invested till the ending. The use of sharks in this film was smart and at times felt suspenseful. I will admit, some shots in this film were not complimentary and showcased a bad use of CGI. That being said, the film keeps your attention and tries so hard to give us a proper shark film.

7.5 out of 10