Music Review-Scars of Tears-” Just Dust”

1. Just Dust 03:58
2. Darkest Hour 03:30
3. Infeasible 03:55
4. Slayer 03:32
5. Icefall 04:39
6. Love and Soul 06:32
7. Wait 04:50
8. Here and Now 04:16
9. Need to Flight 03:31
10. We Are the Same 04:52
11. Endless Sky 05:00
12. Ashes of a Draw 04:12

Salagiannis Thanasis Bass
Chris Polizos Drums
Charitini Anastasiadou Vocals
Babis Stefanidis Guitars, Vocals (backing), Lyrics
Petros Nikolaou Guitars

Review-Slipstrick Records CEO Carlo Muselli and I had a interview a year plus ago. We talked about the label and his vision was to bring an office to America to help the label get a worldwide reach. It seems that now he is unleashing a fury of cds on the market. Where most labels seem to be slowing down, he seems to be wanting to flood the market. I should be more precise with that comment, he seems to be wanting to flood the market with female led operatic metal bands. Scars of Tears much like a few other signees on the label have the beautiful lead singer and are very accurate in their pursuit. This is a cd that sticks to the course and does not break any stereotypes or perceptions. What you basically see is what you will get. Their debut album was a little harder edged, this album seems very varied in their attack but if Nightwish and Lacuna Coil did not exist, this cd would have sounded like Korn or Disturbed.

Which basically means this is a band that does not have a true direction but seems to be following the ocean to the shore. This being said, Charitini is an amazing vocalist. She has a voice that is like a drug. Once you get a taste, you will not want to stop listening. The waters are familiar, but the voice is addictive. This album is not bad. There is not bad song on it. This being said, it is predictable and very contrived. It seems that the band wants to break out of this shell but do not how to do it. I feel the youtube generation of power metal female led bands is never going to end. They get the female to sell her image for the hook, and then reel the fans in on the hook. That being said, the woman can sing and if this band were to jump out of the shallow end of the proverbial pool and went into less traveled waters, this band could really be special. I am no idiot, if I met this woman in person I would not have the balls to tell her I said all this negative stuff and want to kiss her ass and beg for an autograph.

7 out of 10