Movie Review- Three Tears on Bloodstained Flesh

Review-Three Tears on Bloodstained Flesh opens up with the classic case of a young girl running and from a knife wielding masked shape. As this young girl is about to meet her fate she says the name “Uncle Nick”. After the news of Lexie’s death, we meet Dominic who comes back to his old small town to investigate what happened to his niece. It seems in addition to this murder, Dominic also has a troubled teen daughter named Kendall who absolutely despises him and the relationship they share is non-existent. When Dominic comes back to a town that he wanted to forget to search for answers is when he discovers this town has a dark secret. Director Jakob Bilinski really tells a powerful rich story. The Giallo aspect of this film was a treat; we had some very good kills. At times, Dominic’s violence goes into Death Wish meets Saw mode which is always a recipe for the gore hound in me to be excited. The biggest positive about this film is just the way the story was laid out and executed. The acting in this film really worked, this film had some odd one liners like, “I am going to cunt punch you”.


This story goes into two genres; we have the horror elements as Dominic’s search for answers and the means he uses to get them and also the town’s dark secrets which include what they call a “purification ritual”. The other genre is the bat shit insane one. There are moments in this film that even I felt they were manipulating me but wanting to catch me off-guard while doing it. The last 40 minutes of this film has so many twists and turns that I was shocked that they pulled off so many. The running time of the film is over 2 hours but the thing is they pulled off every moment. This film gives you some depth on all the characters. When Kendall and Dominic go to this town to investigate the death, it goes so much into both of their stories. We get to see so many layers to both, that we can relate to them. In film these days that is such a lost art, when a character is made to be a snotty kid or a badass that is all you get. Jakob really thought about bringing all their personalities together to create realism. When Kendall makes friends with the teens in town it opens the film into a mystery. And the fight between the small town perverted sheriff and Dominic gives the film its humor. This film is so much more than your basic modern day Giallo as it is building itself; it really has fascinating characters that you have an interest in to see where this story will take us. This may be one of the best indie films of 2015. Very strong film and dare I say, performances that deserve attention. This is a fun film that our genre badly needs.


9.5 out of 10