Movie Review-The Zodiac Killer (Blu-ray/DVD Review)

Review-There has always been an obsession with serial killers. The film industry has always tried to glamourize this lifestyle. I really never understood this philosophy. Even the dark and chilling films seem to have this gloss over them. The manipulation of an audience where we either feel for victim or victimizer. Director Tom Hanson, if that name rings a bell it is because Entertainment Weekly a while back ran a piece about him. He was a small indie director who stuck around for a cup of coffee in the business and now has found a new found fame thanks to this film getting a new life on blu ray. We will see a documentary on the director upcoming which should be interesting. I say this because this film is everything but interesting. I understand trying to capture the mindset and the motivation, but this film is so paper thin. Let me just say that Syd Barrett had more common sense, than this script did. When you try to marry two cultures, one will feel left out. This film felt like it was trying to bridge a tabloid exploitation with a serious thriller. This led to this film being thrown in so many directions that not one of them made sense to me. This film could be the experimentation of the “ chemical side effect”. This film really tries hard to get us in the mood for something different. It opens the envelope to a world where we are expected to believe exists.

This film though takes the mystery out of it and gives us something you would expect in the bargain bin of a video store in 1978. The film has a sense of humor? You read this right…a sense of humor. Nothing speaks louder in a film about a serial killer than comedy. Whether it was intentional or not, I am not sure but it exists. The transfer to this film is rough. I feel like a blu ray would be better suited to be a beta max tape. I found myself wanting to nod off many times during the film, which pretty much is to be expected when I lose interest in the first hour. I gave this film a fair shot but I just could not get over how bad it truly was. If I had to find a positive, some of the kills we do get, are fair. The director though, I did watch the interview in the bonus features and he seemed like he had a fun time making this film. He seemed like someone who would fist fuck your daughter and then smoke a bong with you and brag about it. For this interview which was short, I would say it is worth a rental just to see this interview. The film itself, I wanted someone’s daughter to fist fuck me with a smoking bong. It may have made the experience more memorable, or at least keep me up.