Movie Review-The Black Room (Blu-ray)

Review-The other night, I was at a diner waiting on my order and trying to think of ten films I have seen this year that I really loved. I would stall at the 5th or 6th film. 2017, has been one of the worst film years in my opinion. It seems that horror is the one genre that has yet to have that one huge film that will top mainstream best of lists. “ The Black Room” is a great example of where the mentality of horror directors is these days. I have no issue with trying to mix genres together, but if you do this tightrope walk, make sure you can balance both. Comedy is mixed with horror in this “ The Black Room” Cleopatra Records who made a living off of cashing in on 80’s has been rockers and bad industrial remix albums, seem to think they should jump into the movie industry. They seem to have Jared Cohn by the strings thinking he is going to be their M Night. The film choices they are making are just like their musical choices. They are trying to cash in on films that people can somehow be suckered into relating towards. This film is not horrible, but it really leaves no lasting impression on the viewer.

The material comes across as both dated and improvised. We have a happily married couple who are stoked about moving in a new home. We have the shady realtor who seems to have an agenda. We have that one room that things are ok till you open the bolted room. Inside this room is a demon who uses seduction and control to try and get people to come inside. After all, who can turn down free sex. The tone of this film is so off. It is never quite sure what it wants to be. Does it want to make you laugh or hit you over the head with serious horror? That was the question, I tried to answer while watching this film. I would say, if you were a fan of “ Dreaming Purple Neon”, you may have the patience for this film. I found myself wanting this film to settle down and give me one personality, not two. The acting in this film is fair to a point. The direction is all over the place. The pacing is the equivalent of masturbating on a roller coaster. I did not hate this film, but I clearly feel Cleopatra is over their head trying to get a film distribution deal going. Stick with L.A. Guns and Dead or Alive live albums. Maybe I should tell Cleopatra about the Nu Metal genre. They can cash in on that fad as well. I got the email address somewhere for them…

6 out of 10