Movie Review-Kung Fu Yoga (Blu Ray)

Review-When I first heard the news that Jackie Chan and Stanley Tong were reuniting for a new film, I was excited. I loved “Rumble in the Bronx”. When I heard the name was “ Kung Fu Yoga”, I started to get a little skeptical. It seems that this could be more comedy based than action. Again, I was happy and could not wait. That being said, after watching this film I will admit, I should have waited a lot longer. This film has some incredible energy at times. The stunts in some of the sequences are very well done. The issue is that this film is geared towards Chinese film goers while alienating American. This film has zero humor that works. Which is sad, given the name of the film I could assume that the jokes could write themselves. I was really hoping this film would embrace meshing two cultures together and appealing to a broad and open audience. This film embraces one culture. This film is about as realistic as you would expect. The acting is so wooden and shallow. Jackie Chan at times looks very miscast and distraught. This film must have felt like Rush Hour 30 to him. It was cliche, the stunts we have seen them all before. That being said, I did like seeing them again. As a leading man, Chan seems lost. He is trying to convey to us he is a Chinese modern day Indiana Jones like character. You have the story trying to capitalize on the craze of the moment of Chinese archaeology films. Around the halfway mark of this film, my mind just gave up and shut down completely. This film just was not what I was expecting out of the pairing. This is a tired, bored and uninspired film that should have spent more time in production to work on substance, pace and style. What a wasted opportunity. What a wasted moment. I am now left with the memories of the past, because next up Jackie Chan will be in Rush Hour 4. This is suicide watch for serious movie fan time.