Movie Review-Kill Switch (Blu Ray)

If this review is up your alley, the film comes out on August 22nd from Lionsgate

Review-” Kill Switch” is a film that I find myself in a pickle with. There is one part of me who really appreciates this new style they are displaying in films like “ Hardcore Henry” and now this. I feel the era of merging a video game mentality into the film realm has been so long overdue to work, lord knows it failed enough. This little indie science fiction film did the homework it needed to do. They knew that the budget would limit what they could produce, so they scaled it back to feature some brains and style. The other part of me is the more cynical and less patient who wanted more out of this film. This is clearly a film that was shooting for the stars. I feel that the story and budget really limits what this film could have really been. This film really wants to put the audience on the fence in the opening minutes with the way the film opens. We are part of this gimmick that we navigate an Earth as it is experienced by a former astronaut who is trying to save it from an evil corporation. The screenplay of this film is weak. The errors in pacing and dialogue is just as bad. This film seems to want the audience to participate so much that they ignore the characters in this film are just bland. This film also includes flashbacks that slow this film down to a halt. This film really needed something on its side. There is so much on display on this film that I found myself drawn to it. Though, at times I found myself shutting off my brain repeatedly. This film has zero logic. We constantly question the main character Will and his decisions which make zero sense. The funny thing is that for all the negatives, this film really tries hard to work. This film gives you a glimpse into a realm of film-making that is going to be more commonplace in the near future. I feel every studio is going to want their first person film to come out. I can see an interactive film to help drive sales of game machines. This film is not bad to an extent. This film just needed some more work and money thrown into it.

6 out of 10