Movie Review-Charlotte (DVD)

Review-Steve Barton (aka Uncle Creepy) is bound and determined to find a way to make money in horror. In the last few years, he has strung together a bunch of short films and released them as a feature length film. The latest entry is sort of an odd bag. The cover is misleading, as we see a creepy doll and the premise of a “ Annabelle” inspired film. I am here to tell you, the only time we really get the doll is the main story that inspires the shorts to play on a television set. There are about 8 shorts that our doll makes the captive babysitter sit thru. I will be completely honest, if Patrick Rea did not have three shorts on this, it would have sucked so much worst. Patrick has two of his best shorts on here with “ Get Off The Porch” and “ Howl of a Good Time”. The rest of the shorts on here, just did not sit well with me. The sad thing is, not one of these shorts really fit in the mood of this film. Where we had “ Monsterville” and ZombieWorld” and those two fit the mold of where the story was going. These shorts all feel thrown together on the cheap just to put out and make a fast dollar. Much like the last two “ Invoking” films.

It is sad that an artist such as Patrick Rea seems to be the go-to person for these short films. After watching this film, I have to admit, I still do not have any idea who Charlotte is? I am not even sure at this point, that is her real name? I feel bad for fans who see this cover and are expecting a full length feature film about a doll. I would expect better from Steve Barton, or at least to be upfront and honest about it. Then again, the man did say and I will quote, “ If we do not raise this much money by April, Dread Central will cease to exist”. The site told us they did not receive that much, but it still exists and he is now charging readers to pay him to live his hobby. I guess, maybe I do not expect much from him. Obviously, what name he does have left in this genre, he clearly shows that he is only in this for selfish reasons and not to further the genre but to give back the same shit that he spent years attacking when others did it. Patrick Rea deserves better than this. The others involved indirectly or on this film, deserve whatever pennies they make from Barton for screwing over the fans.