Movie Reviews-Last Day of School and Electric Apricot

Review-Let us be honest, Troma Films have seen their better days. I am not sure if we should blame this on the debacle that was Astron 6 and “ Father’s Day”. Troma came out of that situation looking not so good in fans eyes. When I speak of the best films by this label, it always seem like I have to go to the past more than recently or coming soon. It feels the label is more of a nostalgia deal. When Troma releases comedies, they are either very uninspired copies of popular formulas or very cheap forgettable affairs. The first of the comedies I am reviewing from Troma is the one I was the most excited for. I can remember for years that Les Claypool (of Primus fame) was bragging about this film he made. All of a sudden, the bragging stopped. Now years later, Troma puts out “ Electric Apricot”. To be honest, I am a fan of what “ Spinal Tap” was about. I saw the film when I was very young, and it stuck with me all these years. This film tries really hard to be the anti to that film. It is like when you know someone is trying so hard to be different but yet feels like they are everyone else. In the film, I am not sure if we are to believe this is a jam band or what. They almost like it is a supergroup of sorts. This film feels like it happened around the time that “ Robot Chicken” came out. This film does not look good in terms of picture or sound. If you have a Smart TV or 4K (Like Me) the quality is pretty sad. This film has some ok moments that had me laughing somewhat, but overall it feels like they were trying so hard to be something they had no right trying to be. I am a fan of Claypool. I like his music and when he does interviews is when I start to feel my eyes roll. The man tries so hard to let people see he is so different. His vision in videos was very fresh. His vision in where his stage shows go, is fresh as well and quite unique. His style of filmmaking, needs help. He does not have a clue how to tell a story without using ideas that are played out to fans. If he could have put more thought into this film, it would have made a world of difference. The pacing and structure of this film suffers badly from the lack of creativity.

5 out of 10

Review- “American Pie” has done for the 2000’s teen comedy what “ Porky’s” did for the 80’s teen comedy. “Last Day of School” is clearly inspired by every teen comedy from any decade. In the case of this film, I am not sure if familiarity is a bad thing. We have the four college graduates who are caught cheating on their finals. The teacher decides to make the kids go thru a series of odd and at times very funny tasks to get the right to graduate. This film plays the sleaze card as much as possible. If this film came out in 1987, it would have been a huge hit. In 2017, this film will be coming out and leaving in the same ten minutes. Which for me, is sort of sad. The film has a fun vibe and at times really keeps the viewer engaged. I will admit the low budget comedy has pacing and script issues. There is not one moment of the film that you can get out of the concept of actors trying to act. This film needed to feel more natural. Again, what this film does pull off is fair. Compared to the last review, this film felt like “ Fast Times at Ridgemont High”. This story has so many different stories going at once. I wish they would have simplified the film somewhat. We do not need so many things thrown at us. This film is a low budget teen comedy, I feel at times it wanted to break out of it’s own skin. Which I feel, could have been a little different. All in all, this film is fun enough to give it a recommend. Though, tread lightly in this water, the film does have a ton of issues and pacing problems. That being said, the comedy in this film is fair and made me remember films like “ Mischief” and “ Porky’s”.

7 out of 10