Movie Review-Truth Or Dare?

Review-Tim Ritter deserves so much credit in the film industry. He is one of the very few directors who truly embraced the video store era. He made cheap straight to video films that were not out to make statements but out to have fans scared. Over 30 years in the industry and he is still as creative and classy as ever. “ Truth or Dare” from 1986 is the one film that people seem to identify the man with. (Just ask a very egotistical female who has little talent outside a bedroom about using concepts and titles to make her money off the man) Mike Strauber plays into the mind of the mental with the way he comes across. We watch early on as he catches his wife in bed with his best friend. The title of the film sums up what the revenge will entail. This film is dumb fun. There is no other way to sum it up. The humor in this film is so unintentional but yet works. Have you ever witnessed a film that wanted to be so serious but then you realize that the joke is on you for taking it so serious? That is how I felt watching this film. The horror in this film is intense and will have you smiling. The acting in this film is a different story. The budget was on the low, so you know what to expect. So, if you are a fan of indie films you will not hate the acting. If you are expecting fucking Oscar winning performances then you should go rent “ Good Will Hunting”. Tim has so much passion for this industry that films like this showcase early on what he was destined to grow into eventually. What the genre would lean towards in the future. This film is fun, it does feel a little dragging at times, but in the end it was well worth the watch. Also, the price tag is so cheap on this film, you may not be so bad to go buy the dvd and support the artist.

7 out of 10