Movie Review-The Circle [Bluray + DVD] [Blu-ray]

Coming to Home Video on August 1st

Review-I have always had this theory that most actors, actresses and directors know when a film is bad. The one film they know not to go to a press screening or junket to promote. I feel the best intentions were in mind when they were filming “ The Circle”. I feel the people involved knew that early in the film that the material would be strong and enthralling, only to lose all its steam by the end. Dave Eggers book was a very good read. It had such a depth and passion to the story. It allowed the reader to become invested in both the characters and story. This film does not follow suit. The first half hour of this film is very well shot and executed. We follow Mae Holland as she lands a job at a tech company. What she views as the ideal job soon becomes anything but that. She finds out that this enterprise has these schemes that come across as sinister and deceitful. James Ponsoldt seems to capture the pacing and storytelling in the early going. It follows the Eggers’ screenplay with such a style and finesse.

Tom Hanks plays the company’s founder and he has such a platform to really grit his teeth into this. He comes across at times as hypnotic and at other times confusing. This film seems to lose faith in itself and starts to become very predictable and frankly bland. The material just did not know how to go the full length of the film. If this was a half hour television show, the first episode would get everyone talking, and the next two will make sure no one will ever watch again. This is the case of everyone not being sure of what to do when the material is not connecting. This film was inspired by the 95 film, “ The Net”. It just lacks the tension and drama that the film had. This film is one of those experiences that you wanted so much more from. I would assume that all people involved will be back at work very fast to get this off the resume. This film really never had a chance once it got going.

4 out of 10