Movie Review-Resident Evil: Vendetta [Blu-ray]

Review-The last “ Resident Evil” feature film, I really dug. I felt that it was the best film since part 2. It seems that when the film wants to reinvent itself, it always seems to fail. When the film wants to tell a basic story and deliver on action, it succeeds. That is also true about the latest CGI inspired film, “ Resident Evil:Vendetta”. If you are a fan of the video game, you will surely be happy with this film. The characters in the film are familiar to the die hard fans of the game, so they skip really any backstory or introducing of them. We jump right into the meat of this film, action. This film, Chris, Leon and Rebecca team up to prevent a vengeful arms dealer named Glenn Arias from unleashing a virus on New York. The musical score of this film is very well done. It submerges the viewer into this story almost immediately. This film also uses some unique ideas. One of them being zombies who are programmed to attack only certain targets. We also have a villain who travels around with the arm of his dead fiancee.

This film plays out like a video game. There will be people who may not be happy with the direction the film takes in terms of getting its story across, but I was fine with it. I been a fan of the video game since playing it on the Gamecube. The acting in this film is off and on. There are moments that it is hammy, to the point of eye rolling. There are other moments that the suspense is turned up and the dialogue is manageable. I feel for the running time, this film could have been cut just a tad bit. There is some dead space for a few minutes in the middle that felt out of place. The pacing of this film is so erratic at times that I am not sure if they even knew what they were trying to get across. As a whole, I dug this film somewhat more than the last CGI inspired films. This one was at least a complete film. The other films felt empty to a point of hollow. This film for all the negative I am dropping, had my attention and entertained me somewhat more than I thought it would be able to.

7 out of 10