Movie Review-London Heist (DVD)

Review-When it comes to crime films directed by people who are rooted in television, you can almost assume that it is going to be generic. Most directors who are used to working on television, seem to keep that in their DNA and use it in everything past that experience. This film is another direct to dvd action film that has every scenario you would come to expect. I feel if this film spent some money on some name talent, maybe this film would have been saved. The film thrusts us in with an armed robbery. After this goes down, the celebration is in a strip club. Our main character is named Jack Cregan. (Even the name is generic). He has a crew that seems to find themselves being hunted down. It seems that rival gangs have an issue with people robbing. Cregan loses his father first. Which becomes a focal point of the film as the bulk of the film after reflects on our character wonder why this had to go down. Then, we have corrupt cops chasing him as well. This leads to a blackmail scenario to do another heist which does not go well for anyone. The acting in this film felt like a bad soap opera. The style this film has, is lifted off every other film. The film does have moments that you can see it is trying. I wanted to see how this film could end. It had my interest, despite all the negative comments I have said. This film has a decent pace. The problem is, and this plagued the majority of the film, is that this film seems so unnecessary. I wanted so much more from this film, and it sucks to hate on this film so much. It has moments of potential that I feel could keep viewers somewhat intrigued.

6 out of 10